Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine is one of the core departments of YSK Hospital and liaisons with other specialties of medicine and surgery to deliver immediate care and treatment in all cases requiring medical interventions including the emergency situations. The Internal Medicine Department of YSK was established as a frontal medical service for the patients who seek relief and treatment under undifferentiated protocols. YSK the leading multispecialty hospital in Aurangabad has developed a robust and spectrum capacity in the field of internal medicine and treatment. The Department is staffed by the leading internists of India who have developed worthy experience and knowledge at their credit. They all remain ready to attend any exigency or medical situation as per the demand in any case.

  • Infectious Diseases – Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, etc.
  • HIV
  • Hypertension
  • Pregnancy Related Medical Disorders
  • Multi Organ Failure
  • Sepsis and related complication
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Management of chronic disorders and Treatment of hospitalised patients

The Department of Internal Medicine at YSK Hospital has been established with complete infrastructure and end to end support from different specializations of medicine and surgery at the Hospital. A well coordinated channel of discussion exists in between the medical departments and the specialists under them. This facilitates the development of active reference and conference for every case requiring immediate medical attention, care and treatment. Department has its own infrastructure support which caters towards the diagnosis, treatment, care and assistance for the patient. We have superior Laboratory services and advanced radiology services available 24/7 for accurate and quick diagnosis.

  • Dr Richa Rajput 
  • Dr Nitin Wathore
  • Dr Walse Prashant